Putt-Putt Boats for Science Educators and Classrooms

Science and physics instructors wanting to demonstrate steam to their students are very limited due to the potential hazards associated with a presurized vessel. These tin boats provide a simple, safe, and cost effective classroom tool.

The physics of steam as an energy source
High schools and Universities throughout North America are using these boats in their physics labs. They make a great visual demonstration of the mechanics of steam power. A tiny candle or a little olive oil provides the fuel source. Once the wick is lit the boiler starts to heat up. A few moments later the boat starts to experience forward propulsion. A minute later the boat has "a full head of steam" and moving about.

A Collectors reproduction
This wonderful little toy was invented in 1891 by an English gentleman. Early in the 1900's toy companies in the U.S. and worldwide began making steam-powered tin boats basked on his design. The tooling for our steam boat originated in Japan and after WWII was relocated to India, where they have been made since.

These steam-powered tin boats have forward propulsion brought about by steam flashing(pulsing) in the boiler and pushing water out of tubes at the rear of the boat. The steam is generated by a heat source, a candle, heating water in the boiler to the flash point. When the flash point is reached the steam expands and pushes water in the tubes out and thursting the boat forward. When the flash of steam is exahusted the water condenses and refills the boiler with water. As the boiler becomes hotter the cycles of flash and condense increases and the boat goes faster. These cycles will continue as long as heat is applied to the boiler.

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