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For many decades tin steam powered boats have brought joy and excitement to everyone who has had a chance to own one. Even to this day, the basic design of the steam engine has not changed. People are amazed of the simple construction of the boat, yet, it is self-propelled by the internal engine. Over the years the PuttPutt Boats have changed very little with the exception of servral additional models to choose from.

PuttPutt Boats are also known as candle boats. About 60 some years ago, the Great Depression brought gray skys to PuttPutt boat owners. In despiration, mom's candles were cut into pieces to provide fuel to run their boats. Today, the need to cut mom's candles has gone the way of the Great Depression. To protect mom's candles, "PuttPutt Boat Solid Fuel Cells" are avaiable in a package of 6 fuel cells. PuttPutt Boats also work with a number of other fuels such as corn oil, olive oil, and other cooking oils.

All of the PuttPutt boats are made of 100% metal construction. The longest PuttPutt Boat is the Titanic. First produced in 1998, the Titanic is 15" long. The PuttPutt boat product line also includes PT109s, tugs, runabouts, ferry boats, science projects, and assesories. Our most recent introductions are the Jumbo Tug kit and the Science of Steamboats kits.

PuttPutt Boats are a unique and amazing technical wonders. When a small heat source, such as a candle, is placed under the boiler/engine, the boat takes off moving through the water. Each PuttPutt Boat has a boiler mounted in the hull. Before the heat source is applied to the boiler, the boiler must be filled with water. If air is present in the boiler/engine, the boat will not move forward. For troublshooting procedures click here.

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