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Steamboat Troubleshooting

Here is how to get a boat working!

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How the Boats Work

PuttPutt Boat Troubleshooting Information

PuttPutt boat problems fall into the folling catagories:

  1. My PuttPutt boat will not make a sound and doesn't move
  2. My PuttPutt boat moves so slow
  3. My PuttPutt boat sinks

I. Most problems with the PuttPutt boats can be attributed to either a no water in the boiler, improper heating of the boiler, or a clogged water tube. The most common problem is not getting enough water into the boiler. The best way to fill the tubes and boiler with water is to allow a small steady stream of water from a faucet to run into one tube. After a short time water should start coming out of the other tube. Now place the boat in a tub of water without letting any water out of the tubes.

II. Heating the boiler is another area of problems. First thing is that the PuttPutt Fuel Cells (candles) need up to 2 minutes before the candle generates enough heat to get the boat moving. If you are using olive oil, make sure the wick is not to short or too long. The proper length of the wick should be about a quarter inch above the oil, the same goes for the fuel cells. Other types of fuels either do not work well or will over heat the boiler causing damage to it. One last thing about fuels, if you are using olive oil make sure the oil is not contaminated with water or other materials.

III. Clogged water tubes can be corrected by using a thin solid core wire, like the center of a long tie wrap that comes on some fresh vegetables in the supermarket. Take off the plastic or paper cover and push the wire down each of the tubes until it reaches the boiler. Push the wire in and out until it passes smoothly all the way to the boiler. Now run water through the tubes as described in paragraph I. Run the water until it becomes clear. Now try running the boat according to the instruction sheet.

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